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Wax Candle Campfire Firestarter

Wax Candle Campfire Firestarter

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This fire themed firestarter starts more than fires. It's a great conversation starter too. Use to start a fire or use as a candle for a smore's fire pit night. Also great for an emergency light source during power outages. Use on a glass or metal plate with proper ventilation when using as a candle

*Highly flammable when lit. Add your kindling and timber when starting your campfire or fire pit and enjoy. Comes in scented or unscented

 Choose your color then choose your preferred scent.

Note scented firestarter scent may not be noticeable used as firestarter. Scented Firestarter are best used as tea light style candles. The choice is yours. 

• Candle burn time is approximately 4 hours 

• Firestarter time varies on heat of the fire. 

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