an image that says Let's Go Camping. With a tent and the backyard off-grid brand

The Backyard Off-Grid Trading Post Welcome

Welcome to the Backyard Off-Grid Trading Post. We came for the candles and soaps. You'll probably stay for the witty gritty jokes. No, but seriously try our handmade products. We know you'll enjoy them in your home or on your adventures. How many people use handmade candles and soaps on camping trips?
Take a guess. We do, and just like any other person or caveman.

The general population told us numerous times. It's time to wash our hands and keep a doomsday prepper in your house or candles ready in case of an emergency or pandemic. To keep it simple and support a small business. We want something handmade cause we are pretty handy when brownies hit the fan. Just don't eat the candles or soap. I know it's tempting as a kid. But we're adults now. So look around and tell us what you think of The Backyard Off-Grid Trading Post.

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